Company Culture can be your competitive advantage

Reaching new levels of success is what every company is striving for.


What if you could find the one recipe that will give you significant competitive advantage?

A strong corporate culture is a proven driver of sustainable success and its benefits can be extraordinary. 

When organizations pro-actively drive cultural change with real dedication and well-organized execution they achieve a major turnaround and reach or even exceed their growth targets. 


What culture are you aspiring for?

A learning culture, culture of innovation, a customer-centric culture, or - probably the most powerful of all - a purpose-driven culture?

Whatever the need, a company culture can be built, nurtured and changed.


I shape and implement with you your individual company culture via a structured framework composed of four major steps:

  1. Clarifying your cultural values and analyzing the status quo

  2. Establishing the vision for your culture

  3. Setting up a strong communications plan

  4. Implementing your culture with conviction

  5. Managing and improving your culture over time 

net income development graph

Net Income

Measured  over a

period of 11 years

revenue development graph


Measured over a 

period of 11 years

Study made among 207 large US companies

in 22 industries  by Kotter and James Heskett 

Don't leave your business success to chance - drive it pro-actively.