Do you compare yourself to other people?


Many of us spend our lives trying to please others and to fit in in – and we don’t even realize it.  We try to build self-confidence by comparing ourselves to others who we feel are superior.  And we measure success on a scale that is not ours and wonder why we are never satisfied. Are you comparing yourself to others, maybe without being aware of it?

How many of the following statements do you agree with?

  1. I tend to focus only on the people who I perceive as more successful or attractive when I am in a group.

  2. When I met someone new who has roughly my age I assess if this person looks younger or better than me.

  3. I am jealous when other people succeed.

  4. I only feel really well when I feel being the most attractive person in a group.

  5. I feel under pressure when I see the perfect life of other people on social media.

  6. I am not satisfied with myself as long as there is someone else who is better than me - even if I achieved something great.

  7. I believe that other people have better lives than me.

  8. When an extremely attractive or charismatic person enters the room I immediately feel insignificant

  9. I tend to post only beautiful photos of me on social media to keep up with my friends

  10. I often wonder who of the people I know is financially better off than me.

Do you agree or mostly agree to 5 statements or more?

When you see others being successful or living a happy life, you often wonder how they got there. And you contemplate to ask them how they did it – you want advice for the quick fix, the shortcut to get the same result with minimal effort.

There is a new, really effective methodology to step out of your shadow to increase your self-confidence so that you stop comparing yourself to others once and for all! Give yourself the chance to shine!