The power of well-defined dreams

Scientists have found out that our brain has the architecture of a target aircraft device. When a target is given, it flies towards it in a self-correcting loop. Our unconscious is then like a magnet that attracts and filters stimuli from the outside world and every external confirmation of the mental goal gives the unconscious a feeling of security. This, in turn, strengthens the desire and the magic to attract the goal.

And if I say magic, I mean it. When I started my career at an automotive supplier over 20 years ago I had my dream job right in front of my nose – and with it the feeling that I will never (ever!) be able to reach that goal. It was a role at the company of our customer, and it was about leading the external communications team. This implied such glamorous tasks as giving interviews to journalists from all over the world, and the responsibility for a fancy building called Communication Center and its team.

While looking out of the window of my office watching the young man who held that role at that time driving around in a beautiful convertible with a bunch of journalists I remembered an article about the power of dreams I had read a couple of days before. It said, you should write down your dreams and you will get there automatically. Despite dismissing this idea as nonsense, I took a piece of paper, wrote my wish to have this job down and put it into the drawer of my office cupboard. And there it stayed …

... for around 4 years, until I had to empty that same cupboard when I quit that job for a new one. And guess what? I left that company to take over this very specific role I wanted, the role I thought I would never (ever!) get!

So, what happened?

From the moment I put this paper into the drawer my filter of the outside world shifted towards favoring everything that would help me reaching this dream. Even though my conscious mind forgot the paper right away after it had disappeared in the cupboard – you imagine my surprise when I found it years later – my unconscious hadn’t given it up for a second and was pushing full speed into this direction.

I repeated this simple ritual several times throughout my career and it has proven to be a reliable partner. It helped bringing me up to a C-level executive role, and even now that I have my own business I continue to set myself well-defined dreams.

Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Farah Gray

You think that this is too good to be true? Let me give you some more scientific explanation to it.

Every learned behavior is stored in our nervous system. If we set ourselves the goal of changing a behavior, we need a new neurological structure in our brain. This structure is created by mentally creating a model of the new behavior. And this is exactly what happens when you write your dream down. This model becomes like a magnetic goal as soon as it is presented in a well-defined way. Well-defined means that it is concrete and formulated in a positive way without negations.

A well-defined dream gets a strong attraction and is realized with the greatest possible probability. A clear dream formulation always answers the question of what will happen when the desired goal is reached. How will you feel, look like, or talk when you are what you want to become? If the dream is attractive enough, then you will reach it.

Phrase your dream if you want to use this mechanism to positively and sustainably influence on how your life unfolds. Lean back and think about what you want to achieve in the mid-term and write a simple sentence or maybe only the title or name of what you want to be by then on a piece of paper. It should be something really difficult to reach, something that is more ambitious than what you think you can achieve. It has to be a dream, something great.

We are all the masters of our own destiny and you decide yourself when your transformation starts. Find out how I can take you on an inspirational journey to help you create a compelling and exciting vision of your future.

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