Inspiring. Powerful. Thought-provoking.

I am combining my experience as a C-level Executive of an international pharmaceutical company with certified coaching and training methodologies to bring people potential to another level.

My speeches are an inspirational journey to help people be the author of their own ambition, draw on their own fundamental values and strengths, and set themselves a compelling and exciting vision of their future.

Embody your mind to empower your life

Most of us have grown up with the idea that our conscious mind is in control and that we take action based on rational arguments and willpower. Science has shown that reality turns out to be rather the opposite: No matter how rational we think we are, it is our emotions that trigger the actions we take.

When these emotions are intense – like jealousy or anger – we are aware of them provoking our actions. But most of these emotions are subtle. They are permanently operating in the background without us consciously realizing what is going on.

Why is this so important to understand?

Because the sum of our actions ultimately shapes our lives.

Therefore, the way how we handle our emotions enables or disenables us to reach our brightest dreams. By becoming aware and taking control of our emotions, we can take back control of our actions and give ourselves the means to achieve our most ambitious goals.

But how can we get access to this hidden world of emotions?

Finnish scientists obtained solid evidence* that our body is involved in all cognitive and emotional functions, that the human mind is strongly “embodied”. Because of human beings perceiving their emotions in specific places in their body.

In my speech, I guide the audience through experiencing an inspiring new idea on how to access and make the best use of the hidden world of our emotions by activating the connection between body and mind in a compelling way.

All with one goal: Taking over control of our lives to achieve anything we want to!